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Established in 2008, Guangzhou Hopewell Automation Technology Company Limited is an engineering company, which specializes in automation control, information system, robot application and industry-based industrial 4.0/ industry 2025 automation system integration. The company owns Fuzhou YkSoftware, Puwei Zhizhao, Hopewell Automation (Hong Kong) Company, constituting a complete intelligent manufacture platform.
Fuzhou YkSoftware is committed to internet platform of automation control system and information system, focuses on promoting the automatic design, automatic programming, intelligent integration in automation control system industry for original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Taking advantages of Rockwell, Siemens, ABB, Eplan and other brands, it create an internet + age of automation control system.
Based on many years of industry research, Puwei Zhizhao exerts itself to achieve industry 4.0/ industry 2025 in manufacture industry. The company and the research and development institute (national level) of Keda Clean Energy Co., Ltd (stock code: 600499) established Keda – Hopewll Robot Application Institute to research and develop intelligent robot and promote it application in different industries.
With 8-year innovation and development, adhering to the mission of “Only better, no the best”, Hopewell Automation (Hong Kong) Company uses automation control, software/information, robot application technology as core, promotes the progress of industry 4.0/industry 2025 in OEM, glass, fiber, semiconductor, hard alloy and other industries, assists in national intelligent manufacture and industrial structure upgrading and sustainable development!

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