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  • Distributed control system’s application in Low-E
Most logic control section of Low-E glass vacuum coating production line control system adopts PLC centralized control method with I/O station. With this control method used in the vacuum industrial processing section of Low-E vacuum coating production line, there will be great potential security problem for the equipment. When failure happens in bus network, logic control main station, it cannot run the troubleshooting program, making vacuum detection instrument, molecular pump, cathode and other critical equipment loose the vacuum protection, which causes great loss to equipment. If take the method of multiple sub-sites with processor, then it will be too expensive.
In 2007, the Low-E glass vacuum coating line project for Zhejiang Dongya Project Glass CO.,LTD, which I was responsible for design, programming and debugging, adopts Allen-Bradley's DCSLOGIX system and Devicenet network structure. And it largely uses intelligent control module and controller with DeviceLogix function in vacuum pump, modular pump and security system, making main equipments all have their own microprocessor. The microprocessor is responsible for start-stop control and interlock protection on site for the main equipments.  When an error is detected in the network or main station, the equipments will stop sequentially according to the pre-set troubleshooting routine, and the implementation of this routine will not depend on other processors, but the microprocessor of the equipment.
 This design greatly simplifies programming and hands the most control functions to the equipment itself. The logic control system main CPU plays a coordinating role only when automatic running. The distributed intelligent controller and intelligent control module itself with a certain number of I/O and microprocessor, making the whole production, through DeviceLogix software design and programming, under security protection and running in orderly manner in any circumstances. The distributed intelligent controller can pre-set a health status according to the industrial data setting, and prompt and alarm when failure happens.
   The successful implementation of this design cost only 5% higher than PLC centralized control system. A year's production proves that failure and misuse never make equipment damage.   

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