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  • Low-E Glass Vacuum coating line control system

The above picture shows the Low-E Glass vacuum coating line control system diagram.

   The Low-E glass vacuum coating control system adopts complete distributed control design, and by industrial process, it's divided into loading station, cleaning station, vacuum coating industrial processing station and unloading station, with the vacuum coating industrial processing station as the main station of the whole system. The upper computer communicates with vacuum coating main station through Ethernet/IP. The loading station, cleaning station Profibus-DP/Controlnet access to vacuum coating industrial processing main station, and the upper computer communicates with vacuum coating main station through Ethernet/IP

 Vacuum coating industrial processing is classified into transmission system and logic control system, and these two control system separately have their own bus, I/O station and CPU processor. The transmission system includes three operating modes: manual jogging( rotation control), air condition automatic operation, automatic mode. The manual jogging does not depend on the bus and main station, if only no error happened in the driver, then it can jog any motor. The air condition automatic operation mode means: the chamber automatically running in air condition and with no interlock between the transmission system and logic control section, the transmission system independently achieves the control. This mode is mainly used in debugging transmission system and glass automatic cleaning under air condition. The automatic mode is the normal production mode. The transmission system can uses variable frequency transmission control and servo transmission control. When uses variable transmission control, it needs torque leading compensation control algorithm to ensure that, when glass is transmitted between chambers, it will not result in scratches or inverter overload due to speed out of sync, which is caused by acceleration and deceleration and load changes.

 The logic control system has its own unique featured bus and I/O station. To protect critical industrial processing equipment (sputtering cathode, molecular pump, vacuum measuring instrument, etc.), the logic control system largely uses distributed intelligent control module to ensure these critical equipment in security protection when failure happens or emergency stop.

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