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DCS adopts Allen-Brandley's Controllogix (1756 system), with DCS master station equipped with two CPU of Controllogix5562, Controlnet network module, Ethernet network module, optical synchronised module. The Controllogix 5562 CPU with 4M memory, 0.06ms/K instruction, RS232 interface, supports LAD, FBD, SFC and TXT programming, and supports 32 tasks. Every task area has their own separate data area, and the variable-based dynamic address distribution allows user to separately define the data structure. The Add On function allows user to develop device-level control instruction.
 The DCS master station and converter/inverter uses controlnet to communicate with optical synchronized network,Flex I/O station, and uses Ethernet/IP to communicate with upper computer. It uses producer/consumer communication mode. The maximum communication rate of Controlnet is 12M, and Ethernet/IP is 100M.
DCS system has three I/O station, a temperature I/O station, two control signal I/O station. I/O station is Allen-Bradley's Flex I/O(1794 series). Flex I/O adopts module and base divide-body design, DIN rail installation, supports electric hot plug(RUIP), and it can replace the modules without any tool.
  Upper computer is DELL OPTIX desktop computer, with 27-inch LCD TFT screen. The software in the upper computer is Wondware's Intouch 10.0.6K Tag simplified Chinese version software. DCS communicates with upper computer through Ethernet, with Rslinx Gateway as OPC server and Intouch 10.0 for data communication.

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