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  • Low-E galss auto control system

Low-E Glass Production Auto Control System


We innovate the Low-E glass glass vacuum coating control system. With the the variable frequency drive in vacuum section and distributed intelligent control design, we solve the following questions to the LOW-E glass vacuum coating industry servo drive and PLC centralized control  : 1. In high ambient temperature , the drive system frequently starts and stops with high working temperature. 2. In the event of a fault, the key equipments of LOW-E glass vacuum coating line needs protection . 3. In the splash section,  the system can not automatically clear glass chips when glass breaks.
According to the function, coating production line control system  is divided into transmission, mechanical pump, molecular pump, flow / vacuum, cathode, host computer control, distribution, sensors and other parts.
The production line control system is equipped with a DCS control  station. There are two CPU modules in the DCS main station. One module is used for transmission control and the main task is the motion control and communication in the transmission system  ; The other module is used for logic control, and the main task is to control  the logic control and data processing from the mechanical pump, molecular pump, flow / vacuum, cathode, host computer monitoring.

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