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  • Deep processing of photovoltaic glass
Deep Processing of Photovoltaic Glass
In the conveying and overall control, the equipment is the connection between grinder cleaning machine and coating cleaning machine, coating cleaning machine and connection coating equipment, connection coating equipment and steel furnace,and steel furnace and labeling machine. After the glass is discharged from the edging and washing machine, the glass is transferred into the coating machine by conveying devices, and the conveyor line is equipped with stockers for qualified glass and unloading positions for defective glass. When the the glass is not allowed to enter coating machine ,glass could be temporarily stored by the stockers while machines in the front stops in turn to reduce the defective products. When the current process produces defective products, the defective glass  will be unloaded by the robot in the unloading positions, and the glass stops before the next production process. After the glass comes out of the coating machine, it is transferred to steel furnace through connection device.The glass from the furnace is connected to the sticker in the glass collecting position.
In addition to the completion of the transmission and connection, the system provides the PROFINET network for the whole plant networking, collects data, monitors the production, organizes and arranges the operation of upstream and downstream equipment. The system also collects production information, equipment operating status information, real-time monitoring information and other information. The system builds up the scheduling control center for deep processing production, provides real-time automatic operation simulation of the entire production line for varieties of equipment failures,and shows different levels of warnings for production anomalies in the production scheduling control center.

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