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Stacking Robot


Before loading,the system must ensure that there is no sticky between glass,or the glass sticks together,and the robot cannot load the glass.To solve this problem, the system could reduce the amount of cutting oil when cutting glass. Or the system provides dusting treatment after cutting, and then operates cutting. The system must ensure that the slope of L-type support is the same angle, the error shall not exceed 1 °, and each time the glass is put into the specified location.

Before unloading,glass must be positioned(Current system can be equipped with positioning machine or positioning table),or the robot cannot unload glass.After positioning the glass, robot grab glass with grippers and put it on L-type support.
When putting down the glass,robot will put the glass in designated position and slightly push forward the glass with the bottom of grippers.With successful cases, the method is proved that there will be no damage to the glass. A positioning device could be put in the position of glass frame to make L-type support stay in the same position.

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